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  • with love: Joanne Schwindt

A hazel colour of ruby

Since the development of my new site I have lost my online photojournal archive from my past sessions. I have opened up my vault and have found so many treasures. One of which is a true gem, Hazel Ruby and her family.

The moment I met Hazel within her Mother's belly still growing, I could feel all the love that surrounded her and the nervous anticipation she would soon ease once she entered the outside world. Meeting both of her parents, photographing them pregnant, and simply speaking to them about all of the things that they were preparing for upon waiting for her arrival warmed my heart.

A few months later, Hazel Ruby was born. One of the cutest baby girls I have ever met. Her eyes just shone with beauty, calmness and a sincere gentleness. Upon meeting her in the outside world at 4 months old I couldn't help but feel all of that love that I felt initially. As a side note, and on a personal level, the changes that a baby brings in are ones one can not prepare for as they test us in ways never expected. They push the boundaries of a love we never knew existed in varying realms. Most of all our children teach us great lessons. Patience, flexibility, focus, a keen ear to listen, gentleness, and so much more. They make us remember that soft person we bury in order to push forward and succeed in life. Love is so beautiful like this, when you meet a person who you really love that hardened feeling in your chest begins to shed. It's similar to your relationship with your growing baby, except it happens way faster and is incredibly emotional. After having two children of my own, I can say that I am more myself than I have ever known thanks to them. They have taught me so much about myself in varying situations and daily I continue to grow and learn with them all in the name of love.

Watching lovely Hazel flourish upon being welcomed into her life again for her 1st birthday confirmed all of the wonderful personality traits I had seen from the very start as crazy as this may seem. I got to get down on my hands and knees with her and capture photos of her playing, eating, spending time with her grandparents and parents and each time her sincere gentle nature shone through. I believe that it's a combo, nature and nuture do go hand in hand. Hazel's parents are one of the kindest people I have met. Their hearts are so big, so sensitive and genuiely kind in every way that it makes sense that this lovely gem of a baby has gifted their lives and will conintue to shine with them.

Opening up my vault of photos shows me how fast time moves and how much we all grow and change quickly. Being a crictic of my own work, it is so nice to fall in love again with the treasures that I have found, fondly remembering each photo session. I will continue to share my archives wtih you alongside my lastest photojournal collections.

Looking forward to sharing in these moments with you.

Love: Jo


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