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  • with love: Joanne Schwindt {Photography}

EASTON...welcome home!

Watching my nephew's birth was simply one of the most moving experiences of my life thus far.

I've mentioned this before, that witnessing a birth is absolutely life changing. It's very different than being at your own birth. When you are birthing your own child you are in the moment, feeling the contractions and going through the motions. When you are watching a birth, camera-ready or as part of a support to the family it's extremely emotional in the most miraculous way. I didn't cry at any of my own births but have cried at all of the births that I have documented...tears rolling down my cheeks as the shutter opens and closes.

Lucky for me, Mark and Jess' door was an open welcome.

A few days after Easton's birth I was greeted into Mark and Jess' home, one that was full of warm hugs, tired eyes and so much love. Seeing Easton in his cozy love nest made me feel all of the same emotions that I had experienced a few days prior during his birth.

Seeing Mark hold Easton; watching Jess nurse him and hearing his sister Everly giggling as she got in close to learn more about her new baby brother. I got to change both Everly and Easton's diapers while I was there (as Auntie Jo didn't mind at all but loved it!) Everly and I compared the differences in diaper sizes between her diaper, a size 4, and her baby brother's, a size 1.

Thank you Mark and Jess for opening the door into your hearts and allowing me to be a part of this new chapter, one of the rawest there ever is.

Your life changed forever, in the most beautiful way.

Here are a few images from our newborn session together.

Love: Jo xoxoxo


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