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A collector of moments. A lover of seconds. An observer who appreciates the little things.


Joanne's photography is about:
Portrait Development and Emotive Composition. 

Intimate weddings,
large and small family photo gatherings,
professional head shots,
commercial projects,
creative collaborations,
and more--

Joanne's work is always custom
with the
intention of having your story documented well.
Most especially, Joanne adores the realness
that makes her client's stories their own through,
what she calls, "
photographic storytelling".



Joanne works diligently during her personalized photo-sessions-- 
she loves to document all types of unique lifestyles.

Joanne calls Toronto, Canada home. 
She is a mother of 3 who shares a beautiful life with an adoring partner.

Joanne holds both a B.A and a B.Ed degree, with a specialty in Visual Arts. 
She has also earned a Master's Degree in Holistic and Aesthetic Education.
Joanne studied photography during high school, while at university and continues to take photography courses. 
At the age of 8, when her mother handed her a camera to photograph family events, her love for capturing still imagery began and since that time she has never stopped photographing. 

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Joanne Schwindt Photography
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