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Traditions (The Unpolished Series)

Every October we venture to find an apple orchard. The locations we source change from year to year. This year we discovered Frootogo Orchards.

The orchards at Frootogo are full of tasty apple trees in variation, a field of pumpkins, along with an on-site bakery and a playground for children.

My children, husband and I love picking apples. The Jonagold apple was our choice for picking this year. Similar to honey crisp apples, the jonagold has a gorgeously savoury taste coupled with a tart, less sweet flavour in comparison to the honey crisp, which we loved. We took home a large bag of apples, some pumpkins and pies too.

The pies were gone quickly, and the bag of apples is nearing empty. We've used the apples in various recipes and on their own for snacking. Fresh apple sauce was super easy to make, simply by coring the apple and removing the skins. Using a metal basket steamer in a pot on the stove top, we softened the apple slices then blended them with a hand mixer. We put some in small containers in the refrigerator and in the freezer for later use. My favourite Apple Strudel Recipe is posted on the Yellow Chair Blog this week.

Below, are some of my personal images of my family and I from our time at Frootgo.

Love: Jo xoxoxo

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