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Little Lolita has arrived...

A little princess is born. Healthy, happy and especially cute: Lolita Siroun Awakian arrived May, 20th, 2015. She welcomed me with her delicate prescence and a real sense of humour. While we were taking our cute naked newborn photographs she got to pee on her Dad who was a great sport! Her Momma told her to before we handed her over to him, and what a good listener she is already! We all had a good chuckle.

Being a part of this photo session evoked various emotions in laughter, tears, story-telling and silence. Seeing Linda embracing her new baby girl, and listening to her speak about how different this birth had been from her previous births. How lucky she felt to be experiencing the miraculous beauty that is motherhood all over again. Most especially how grateful she was to be holding her new love. We had some good teary-eyed moments.

Throughout the photo session these tender moments continued. Watching Jack hold his little girl. Seeing the love in his at times welled-up eyes. Witnessing the tenderness a new father feels for his new baby girl; his first baby. The beauty he held in his safe arms holding her close. It was something that I felt lucky to have captured. As a photographer, there isn't a moment that passes me that I don't feel completely fortunate to have a camera in hand. These emotionally-raw, tender moments only 4 days after little Lolita arrived will be close and dear to me.

Welcome Lolita.

Thank you to all of you for welcoming me into your world.

Love: Jo



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