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Always a surprise

The more challenging a photo session, the more surprised I am at the results.

Once my photo sessions are over, I have mixed feelings about how they went. I am never really certain until I am at the editing table. I always take a few days before looking at my work, and before I begin the editing process. I feel that those days allow me some space, and I am able to seperate myself from the experience. I then have more of an objective eye when looking back at the photos I've catpured and it is not as personal.

Every photo session is a new adventure, a new experience, and they are all personal. Each photo session is it's own thing. No prescribed staging. Because I have my photo sessions in varying settings with so many different families, children, couples and people, they are never the same, which I love. Capturing people in their truest form, for me, is what my work is about. I have had a lot of feedback regarding my photographs from my clients, and they express that they love that I am not just staging "a shot" or "a pose" but that I am capturing their story, their experience, them, truthfully. This has always been my sincere aim. Since photography keeps me learning and growing, I never feel like I am stagnating, only growing more knowlegable with my equipment, lighting, each of my clients and my overall compositions. I know, for certain, I won't ever stop growing as a photographer. Because of the nature of my work, I am always pushed to try new things with new people I am getting to know on camera. It is always a true growing experience every time.

I have grown with this family. We have had so many lovely experiences together and continue to. The path of life brings in many people along your journey and this family, I believe is a true treasure found along our way, especially during the raw emotional time of early parenthood. Ruth, Mark, Ramona and Cassius have a love that I know is an honor to know so well. Their energy. Their patience. And most of all, their "realness" is what I treasure most. Always open-hearted, this family leaves me feeling so grateful to know them as well as I do. There are people that teach you how to be a better person or remind you of mantras that you may forget. Or simply open their hearts to listen to you in any mood and vice-versa. This family does all these things for us. Ruth is a wonderful friend, and not only have I gotten to know her so very well, but I have become a part of their family, as their family has become a part of mine.

This photo session wasn't as easy-moving as my others, but I loved the challenge. Running alongside their interests and capturing moments of love that wasn't orchestrated was wonderfully-real, such as each of them. It is the reason, as mentioned, I love lifestyle photography. It captures what is real at the time that I am there photographing the experience.

I thank you, Ruth, Mark, Ramona and Cassius, for your love, and your friendship. I do believe our lives wouldn't be as rich had we not met and become friends.

Love: Jo xoxooxoxox

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