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Cinderella + Petrie (the unpolished series)

​​Halloween is always a huge event at our house and every year it's confirmed, we live in a great neighbourhood.

Everyone loves Halloween and it shows. Our neighbourhood hums in Halloween cheer and it's not just the kids. Adults get right into it too, dressed up, dancing on their front porch or on the sidewalk as thematic music blares, each of them looking forward to seeing all of the Halloween goers awaiting their trick or their treat. There is an overall feeling of pure joy and excitement.

A Halloween tradition that keeps us excited and guessing is "what will Uncle Frankie be for Halloween?". Each year my brother comes to our place and we all go out "trick or treating" collecting candy, stickers and admiring the very cool Halloween decor in the hood. This year my kids were out for a longer time frame compared to years past. They claimed it was the best Halloween ever. The weather was perfect, not rainy. That may have had something to do with it. Also, being 5 and 3 years of age makes a difference it seems. We were out for more than an hour collecting treats and visiting with friends with the Hulk in tow.

The night prior to this Halloween we had a special visit unlike any other. As we carved our pumpkins both of my kids elbow deep in pumpkin guts, we awaited the knock at the door, our midwives home visit scheduled on the night before Halloween. This Halloween was a little different from the others. Ever since we have told our kids about "my being pregnant" their excitement led to their intial first question, "when is the baby going to be here?". Each time they kiss my belly, or feel the baby move this question comes up. We've kept telling them, "...after Halloween". We didn't realize it at the time, that is, the full circle of the midwives visit and it being the night before Halloween, but it really confirmed the arrival of our newest family member. We got to discuss our birth and my kids got to measure my belly and hear their baby's heartbeat. It was a very special moment for all of us. Seeing their delight in using the special measuring tape to help measure my belly was so sweet. Watching them listen to the heartbeat, so focused. It will be a memory that will be close to my heart and a story I will tell once the baby arrives and in years to come.

Since we've told them the baby's arrival time, when people ask them, "when is the baby coming?", they reply "after Halloween!" so now we wait. I have uploaded a few of the images from our Halloween adventure including a few of our belly moments. I look forward to sharing more about my pregnancy and our new family member with you in upcoming posts.

I hope you all had a haunting Halloween.

Love from all of us.

Jo xoxoxoxo

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