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40 years of memories + milestones (The Unpolished Series)

Celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary must be a very rich time.

Watching and experiencing my parents during their 40th Anniversary was a true gift for me. Walking down the same aisle they did 40 years prior to renew their vows, listening to them speak about the stories of their wedding 40 years ago, watching them dance, cut their cake, and most especially watching the two of the together was beautiful.

A family is something of true beauty in any variation. We have all grown together but seeing my Mom and Dad through my camera that day was a little different. Your parents are always your parents and it's to often that you forget they are people. Once you have your own children you realize their humaness and if you are able to see past their imperfections, you realize that they are people who, such as yourself, tried and still try the best they can loving you as best as they know how.

I love my parents dearly. Organizing this event for them with my siblings was so fun, knowing that it would equal their surprise and their happiness. Both of my parents were overjoyed and conintually suprised throughout the day. It made my heart sing seeing them so happy and so engaged in the moment.

These photos are a few of the many I took on that day. I know I am biased, but my favourite moment was watching them dance with my two children. Seeing them with their grandchildren was something only my heart could describe. I couldn't help but think about them dancing with eachother 40 years prior having no idea what was in store for them and their growing family.

I am thankful that I was able to organize this event with my siblings as well as have my parents in my life to give them this gift.

I love you both very much.

Love: Jo


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