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Photographing life...

Growing and changing is what we do. It happens so fast with kids that it's almost difficult to believe they were ever babies. As adults we change subtly but it happens.

As my photography work changes and I grow alongside my many photo sessions, this family has too. The Irwin's were one of the very first families I photographed when I began thinking seriously about taking my photography to a client based level. Their character, charisma and wonderful openess welcomed me in 5 years ago photographing various milestones, and I have been growing with their family ever since.

Working with clients as their family grows and evolves is my most favourite thing to do. Celebrating events with them and getting to know their family is a true honor. I get to see how much they have changed, as well, see how they are still so much like their little selves I once captured. Meeting their extended family, watching the gene pool unfold before my eyes, it's all very fasinating. I am thankful during every photo session. To be able to capture these various moments in my clients lives and have them welcome me into their lives on a very personal level makes wonderful connections happen for me and for them.

Change happens so quickly in life that it's a little frightening sometimes if you don't take the time to appreciate the moment, take in what is happening and embrace each experience as it unfolds. I guess I may be a little paranoid about forgetting something, so I try to document as much as I can alongside making sure I am appreciating the moment. It's a fine balance. During this photo session I was asked by my clients daughter, "why are you taking photos of us?" Both myself and my clients answered with the reasoning of change. Since we change so much, when we look back on photographs taken we are always amazed at how much people grow and how much people change. We also explained that in our past, when we were growing up, their was little documentation and a minimum amount of good quality photographs. Some blurred images of us in the background and so on. All in all she understood that a photograph is a keepsake, and if you can take many keepsakes with you why not? She smiled as I took her photograph.

I loved this photo session. I hadn't planned to take on any more work during my last few weeks of pregnancy but I knew I wanted to be a part of this photo sesssion. Belly full of baby at 38 1/2 weeks and limited mobility we still made it happen. I had a ton of fun. This photo session will be a memory the Irwin's will share with me and a story they can tell my baby once she is old enough to understand.

Julian, Terri, Em, Charlie and James, thank you for allowing me to come into your home and be a part of the special moments I captured.

I hope you enjoy these captures today and forever.

Love: Jo


Here are a few for you to enjoy.


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