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  • with love: Joanne Schwindt {Photography}

A Changing Landscape: The Unpolished Series

The Arts, for me, is where my deepest passions live. Something moves me and then something is created and I am changed, yet still the same.

When my children and I visited these Winter Stations along Toronto's East end located on the lakeshore this past March, the beach was the same of course, but it was also very different. These installations really resonated with us. They not only created a lot of conversation and exploration between my children and I, but each one created feelings of curiosity making us move within places that we would normally pass. I know I am biased because I love impermanence in art, especially when it's installation work. I love it the most because it allows you to look and move within a space differently then you normally would, knowing that it will most likely be the last time you see and feel that piece in that space. It makes you stop, look, move around, appreciate and feel something that you normally wouldn't if that installation had not been erected. It not only creates visual stimulation but it also breathes around you physically; it feels alive.

The Arts is where I think we all live. Everything has art embedded within it. I have a difficult time accepting the idea that not everyone is an artist. Maybe I am a romantic at heart, but I believe that the way one dresses, cooks, gardens; the choices one makes, the way one communicates, problem solves; this is art, it lives in every crevasse of our lives, wether we are willing to admit it or not. I have found that if you allow yourself to accept the artist that you are and not compare yourself to the artist that you are not or the one you should be, this original, living form is created in you. It's a way of life, not only when you are creating but in each moment that you are living. I think this is why these pieces moved me so much, because they were placed in a location that we live within changing that landscape, making us really feel each artist living in our natural space from all over the world. Similarly, like a reflection of the beautiful cultural mosaic that is Toronto.

When I photographed these pieces a few weeks back, I had no idea where it would take me. Or if I would publish these photos, but there is something about living, breathing and moving around an art piece that is bigger then oneself. I wanted to share these with you.

I thank each one of these artists. They inspired so many ideas within my children and within myself. Now we are forever changed, yet still the same.

Love: Jo xoxox


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