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When Pigs Smile: Personal Post

Off of Airport Road in Mulmur, Ontario an hour and a bit outside of Toronto you can find The Mitchell Family Farm. A place that ethically raises Berkshire pigs.

When visiting The Mitchell Family Farm, not only are you greeted by Berkshire pigs who are thriving in their happy home, but you can find rows of apple trees which feed the pigs, strawberry bushes, a large garlic plantation and if that isn't enough, along their gorgeous property you are not only greeted by the friendliest cats and dog, but also, egg laying hens, Muscovy ducks and white rock chickens. Sara Sniderhan and Peter Mitchell, along with their two children Jackson and Isobel packed in their city lifestyle a few years back and moved themselves off the grid for a life on the farm. The farm was built from bottom up, entirely by the Mitchell Family who transformed the land into what it is today.

My family and I are lucky to call the Mitchell Family good friends, as well, they are also our pork providers who we purchase our pork bundle from each year. Last year we purchased their small bundle and we were amazed by the smoked flavour of their pork, as well, how far our order took us when used in a variety of dishes. We had a family visit us soon after our pork bundle arrived and with one pork roast purchased from the Mitchell's we fed 9 people. This year we ordered the second bundle (a larger size order) and are very excited to use the Mitchell pork in various recipes as the main dish. The Mitchell smoked flavour is hard to come by and a definite trademark that will only bring success to the family.

A story of success is truly that of Sara and Peter's. For as long as we've known them they have steered their lives with huge imagination, a sincere driving passion alongside sharing their big hearts with those they know and meet. This incredible combination always lends itself to beautiful masterpieces, such as their farm. Sara and Peter are not only city-dwellers turned farmers but they are also successful artists, who are both represented by Toronto's own Ingram Gallery. Sara's work has been used on covers of novels, seen on television and Sara also worked with Sandra Oh on a personal portrait series, just to name a few of her many successes. Currently, Sara teaches part-time at OCAD. She has also partnered with St. Stephen's House and has developed her own art program for underprivileged youth. For more information about Sara Sniderhan kindly visit Peter's illustrations have graced the pages of the LA Times, Boston Globe, Globe and Mail and tons more. His work also hangs in the collections of Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and many others. He currently has work showcasing at Ingram Gallery for 2017. For more about Peter Mitchell kindly visit

These two artists not only have created masterpieces in art, but their keen focus zeroed them into watching You Tube videos about raising Berkshire pigs and taught themselves, along with advice from local elders, how to raise pigs on a beautiful farm. If you are a restauratuer, deli shop owner, family seeking ethically raised pork for meals, meet the Mitchell's, a family that keeps true to raising pigs ethically. Add cheese and honey to their future life on the farm and the Mitchell's can expect more orders from us. For more information about The Mitchell Family farm a great article was published recently by On The Bay Magazine

And lastly, if you would like further information or want to learn more about ordering various bundles from the Mitchell's you can find them on Facebook at:

The Mitchell Family Farm. Sara and Peter in the above photograph. Always a reason to smile with these lovely people.

Love: Jo xoxooxox

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