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  • with love: Joanne Schwindt {Photography}

Just a few of my candid favourites... (The Unpolished Series)

I had my camera in hand most of the time during my 40th birthday celebrations, and took photos when I could. There were many wonderful people that sent me gifts, text messages, called, and arrived at a few gatherings to honour this milestone.

I appreciate everyone's wishes and the ways they found to wish me Happy Birthday in the busyness that is our life today. I feel very lucky and incredibly blessed. I only uploaded images of my family here and have sent personal messages and thank you's via photos to those that are not displayed here on my blog but who were present for the gatherings for personal and privacy reasons.

Here are a few of the images I collected during the various parts of my celebration. They are candid in nature, some out of focus which I love, and a few were taken by my Mum, brother-n-law, and son (now I have a little photographer that is willing to snap photos for me so I can be in the frame. Yay!), all were edited by me.

Thank you for making this special. xoxox Jo


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