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Capturing moments is magic for me.

When I hold my camera and photograph families, these moments mean as much to me as they will for them- the family in the frame. I know this for certain because I can feel it in my heart when the shutter opens and then closes.

Mark, Jess, Everly and Easton have been in front of my camera now for almost 4 years, and even before they began their family together I photographed moments during some significant milestones.

I am lucky that they have invited me, time and time again into their growing and changing family's life camera-ready.

These days with young children amongst the tired eyes, and exhaustion are very raw, and although we feel so much, and go through more, there is the undeniable 'knowing' that it all goes by way to fast. And soon, it will feel like a dream.

We will see our children, older, changed and suddenly feel like we've woken up to find we've all grown and those raw moments passed.

And so, I photograph---to hold on to as much of this dream as I can before I wake up, for myself and for others.

Love: Jo xo

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