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Babies Are Being Born...

My dear friend Jackie said it perfectly as I spoke to her over the phone before our photo session together. She said, "amongst the chaos of this pandemic there is still a beautiful rhythm, babies are being born and miracles are happening all over the place."

I was welcomed into the Sapp family's life a few days after they welcomed their newest member, Quinton. We had booked our newborn session before the COVID-19 pandemic. It was my first newborn session taken from 6 feet away outside of the home with my protective mask and gloves on. It was my first newborn session that I was not able to get close and feel all of the beautiful tenderness and magic newborn baby's evoke. I admit, although limiting from a far I still felt the love.

I hope these images ignite your heart with hope, love and the knowledge that yes, miracles are still happening.

Love: Jo



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