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Henry and His Bravery

My family lifestyle story sessions are my favourite. The story I capture is unique to each family that welcomes me into their life. The best part of the session is that the families I get to photograph trust me by letting me do my 'photography-thing', all the while they do their family-thing! I enjoyed every moment of this session.

sick kids hospital

Jennifer, Henry's mum, wrote to me to let me know more about Henry's bravery beads.

This is what Jennifer wrote:

"We became a SickKids family in 2019. One way that we keep in touch with our amazing team at SickKids is to send photos of Henry in his Bravery Beads, as well as family photos and thank you notes. We look forward to sharing these new photos shortly. For people who may not know about the Bravery Bead program at SickKids, this initiative was launched in 2002 by the Women's Auxiliary Volunteers and Child Life Specialists. Since the beginning of the program, they have given out over a million beads and each one represents an aspect of a child's medical journey. We are so thankful to SickKids for all that they've done for us, including this special initiative."

As a side note, Jennifer also mentioned an incredible artist that has made a sculpture out of bravery beads for the new SickKids - and their family contributed! Here is a link to see a video about it Click here

Love, Jo

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