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Linda + Jack

Your kids are somewhat grown and you feel like you've moved passed that baby-making phase of your life until you meet that someone else who allows you to see new life in their eyes.

Linda and Jack met later on in life. Their story is romantic. One that is very sweet and hopeful. Having raised two girls of her own, the thought of a new little baby wasn't something that Linda thought much about. Worrying about her two girls; making sure they were okay was Linda's most important concern. It still is today but she can now share that with someone she truly loves. Someone who also truly loves her. And Jack never being married nor having children of his very own didn't think much about having a baby until he met Linda.

When Jack and Linda met the fun that they had, the love that they felt and the magic that was ignited was something they both didn't expect. The fun, the love and the magic was something that I witnessed when I met them together, with their family and soon-to-be baby. There is that saying, "when one door closes another door opens." This is true in so many of life's equations.

The door that has opended for both Linda and Jack is one of true beauty, fun, love and new life. This family deserves all of it.

I loved this family photo session. I loved the varying emotions I felt capturing each family member.

The photos, like all of my photos are personal. Linda's third baby and Jack's first. What beauty this family has to share in this new chapter of their lives.

I get to capture all of it!

Lucky me!

Love: Jo oxox


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