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Fresh off the plane...

Upon arrival, camera ready, these sisters where ready for their photo shoot.

The anticipation of seeing one another was evident. These two beautiful souls last met in person 4 years prior. Not only were they excited to see one another, but Kymberley was excited to finally introduce her sister to her son, Ira. Meeting their nephew for the first time, Stephanie and Micheal simply fell in love. As well, Ira was all cuddles with his Aunt and Uncle and his new baby cousin soon to be born.

Walking into a photo session with complete strangers is always exciting for me. I get to meet people who share a bit of themselves wtih me and their story.

Thank you Kymberley for thinking of me for this photo session.

Stephanie and Micheal I look forward to hearing or reading about your adorable new arrival.

Hugs to all of you.

Jo xoxoxoxoxxo


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