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  • Joanne Schwindt {Photography}

Celebrating One Year (The Unpolished Series)

Last year at this time I was my most pregnant and at 6:53 p.m. our Joy was born. Our third baby delivered at home. Her birth happened within a 45 minute window. My husband watched as I felt my body begin to push her outside of me, involuntarily. It was a surreal experience. My husband and I were both scared and excited. Scared because the labour was happening out of our own control and my midwives had not yet arrived, and excited to finally hold our newest love in-arms. Our midwives came in just before the paramedics as her head had completed crowning. There were no seconds to spare and an audience who witnessed this miracle.

These seconds, these minutes, these days and year have gone by in blinks of time. Since day one, Joy has been an easy-going baby. Slept, nursed well, and rarely fussed about much. She was happy often, and in turn so were we. She has allowed us to feel confident as parents. We are extremely grateful for this; having her in our life adds more love to our family making it feel complete.

As this year nears it's completion, we reflect upon it as it has come with unexpected change. Joy has brought in much light during some difficult times, reminding us of what is most important in life and in love. We thank the universe for this. We thank the universe daily for our three children, our love and the support of our close family and friends. There isn't a day that goes by that we are not thankful. Thankful for the real beauty we embrace and share daily.

The photos I am sharing with you in the gallery below are wonderful for me to look back on. They confirm how much Joy has grown and changed, as well, how much my eldest daughter and son have grown alongside her. I too, have grown and changed, although not as visible as the kids. I can admit this year has made me more aware of what is important in the life of a parent. This personal gallery of mine includes both some candid shots from her birth, fun photos from her cake smash photo session we had this past weekend at home, and of course a few candid shots of her today, celebrating.

I send my many hugs and relatable love to every parent out there. In this life we call parenthood, know that you are never alone. There are always those very beautiful people who the universe sends you, as reminders to support you and love you for you, embracing you in every colour. I am forever grateful to those special people in my life that see my rainbow, even on those days when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

Love: Jo xoxooxo


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