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Hold on for just a moment...

The wind softly blows against your face and you close your eyes for a moment.

These subtle kisses of love from mother earth remind me of family moments; family memories.

These brief moments in time; these spilt seconds. They never feel like they are enough. Like watching the sunlight play in between the leaves of a leafy canopy. These twinkles; these delicate pauses they always go by way to fast.

I accept this with a heavy heart and so, I capture moments. For me, it is the moments in between that matter the most. The ones where there isn't a destination in mind, or an end goal; a perfect pose. It's the imperfections that I adore most.

Together with my children, we mostly adore being by open water. That wind I described initially is always there. This is why we love the ocean and fresh water lakes so much. There is magic there. There is a pause that I can't quite explain. It's been there since my own childhood.

Since my children were very little we have always ventured to the water in any season. There is a calmness that remains; a place where time is gone.

We find this connection by any water and/or beach that embraces us.

These little moments here are some of my favourite moments from our trip to Turks and Caicos this past month. We stayed on the island for one week at an all-inclusive resort. It was all very unreal and beautiful. My husband and I normally wouldn't travel like this, but I admit, the tropical-all-inclusiveness was an incredible treat.

When I close my eyes to remember our trip these images are what I can feel; they are what I can see.

I wasn't with my camera for every part of the trip, but the moments I captured here mean a lot to me.

All of my work is about moments. It's these moments that I would want to remember when I look back today and for my tomorrow.

Before the trip, I mulled over which camera's to bring and with what lenses. And honestly, with three children in tow and baggage, it's very limiting, which I don't mind. Others may argue but I like travelling light. I also think limitations create opportunities to think outside the box. I brought along my Canon 5D Mark iii with my 50mm lens. I choose my 50 because it's small and compact. I didn't want to lug around a big lens. As well, I wanted to play with my lensbaby. I brought along my Nikon underwater camera for this trip too. I found all very useful.

The Canon was cumbersome at times because of it's size and being on the beach with three children alongside the element of sand meant I had to be really careful. The photos that the Canon produced are my favourite. They are always my favourite. I had to do less editing in light room with these images. Although, I admit I loved the ease of my Nikon and the flexibility it allowed for, on land and in water. As well, I didn't have to worry about any elements, which is a huge bonus. The image quality was sufficient but I took all of my images into Lightroom to tweak and help with the contrast, noise and colour balance. I found them to be really skewed and not as pleasing to my eye as my Canon images.

These moments I have posted here are all very pleasing to me. They vary, as you may notice. I used both my Canon and Nikon to capture them. I love all of them because, well, for me, they are moments in time that mean the most to me. Moments that we will look back on and remember. I wanted to share them here.

I think it's important, for me, to showcase how my own world works when I am photographing for myself.

Love: Jo


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