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Creative Confidence

We are born with artistic spirit.

joanne schwindt photography

Too often people reserve creativity under the umbrella of paint on canvas, illustrations within a book, dances on stage or within theatre productions, etc,. Truly, I have discovered that the art of creation moves past these mediums and can find its way into your heart while you are creating a meal or choosing linens for your bed. Everything has a way of being an art form, and if you can believe you hold creative power in everything you do, creativity finds its way to you. If you begin to fall in love with your creative self the magic that is creativity visits more often.

I honestly admit that I have fallen in love with creativity, and so, I believe it has also fallen in love with me. Creativity is how I express my love and gratitude. How I release my sorrows and pain. How I connect and how I disconnect; I have many ways to express this creative heart of mine.

joanne schiwndt photography

I think we all have many creative talents.

joanne schiwndt photography

As a child I was always creating, as all children do: creating imaginary stories, drawing with pencil on paper, making up recipes and new dance moves, choosing different outfits, etc,. Creativity has always been with me, it has always been with all of us.

I taught visual arts for over 15 years before I decided to stay at home with my children after my third baby Joy was born. The one thing I implemented to help guide the beautiful minds and hearts that I taught was "creative confidence". I still implement this daily in my own heart and home. Understanding this within yourself is like having an ultimate super power. The belief in your own creative journey by not conforming to someone else's creative style by believing in the pulse that beats in your own creative heart is powerful. It's powerful because it is your's-- it is original, no one person can duplicate the creative power that fuels your own heart and imagination. People can try to emulate it, but when you are surfing on your own creative waves the flux moves so quickly that too often people don't know what will pop up next. There is only one you--stay true to yourself for you, and for the world.

joanne schiwndt photography

joanne schiwndt photography

One of my creative outlets that I share with the public via social media is that of documentary photography. I find my own comparison with other works pops up more often then I would like. When this happens I purposely unplug or go into this space with an open heart, seek variation within myself, and appreciate and love the journey that others are on, by not comparing it to my own journey. Comparison has to be understood to then be quietened. It serves no good purpose, but can only add to a misguided journey by adding more confusion to your creative voice. This happens a lot with so many of us, and then we give up, especially when it gets more difficult as we grow into our craft; our voice--- right before it all clicks we walk away. I crave to see difference. I think the only way we can be true to ourselves is to honour our creative journey, as it moves through the motions-- easy and difficult. Gaining influence from others, practicing, but always coming back to our own creative hearts. Letting go of comparison-- all of this is entailed in the creative process.

joanne schiwndt photography

Our true art, in it's original form can only come from within. Upon our own fingertips can we make our own artistic magic happen. If we spend too much time looking outward and trying to grasp onto what our art 'should look like' or what we may 'need to make it perfect', we lose sight of the untainted heart that is our own creativity. The act of just doing it now.

I tell my children, just as I tell people often, that if we all created the same thing the world would be boring. And just as we all look different so does our art and so should our art. Don't wait, just jump in and make something.

Make this your creative mantra "create from your heart and create from where you are and not from where you want to be. Create because it simply makes you feel like you are tapping into something deeper than words can describe."

Let creativity guide you. Move you. And as you are guided by it you may inspire others because you are so inspired. If you haven't already, please read: BIG MAGIC


1) A ROOM OF ONE's OWN: Create a room of your own, or a space where you can create.

2) Make it your own RITUAL. Make a time that is your's to create once a week, twice a week, etc.

3) FIND THAT BALANCE: how to carve out time to practice your creativity without feeling guilty or stressed. Plug it into your calendar.

4) GO INTO UNCHARTED TERRITORY. Find that space, go into the dark and find your own creative voice. It takes time and often we need time for it to unfold. The depths that our creativity wants us to dig for isn't always clear or easy to see. This unfolds sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, but enjoy the process.

5) AVOID COMPARING most often we emulate the artists we love, which is good practice at first, but we need to let go and find our own artistic power...our own way into an art form that we love. For example, there remain a sea of photographers that may inspire you, but don't get lost, come back to your own shoreline and listen to your own creative heart. Turn off social media and head toward the uncharted territory to find that super power that is within you.

6) ALWAYS carry a note book. Creativity comes in fast, and ideas pop up, be ready. Or plug it into your notes on your devices. Just jot it down.

7) DON'T BE AFRAID to dabble into various mediums.


joanne schiwndt photography

I love you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for allowing me to share my creative heart and encouraging me to grow as an artist.

Love: Jo xxo


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