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Aiden. A True Miracle.

When you find out that you are pregnant with your first child the emotions that move throughout your entire body are ones of immense wonderment.

Babies are true miracles of life, a joyous wonder that happens to many women naturally. Those that have never experienced difficulty conceiving are unaware of how it may feel to simply come to terms with Doctors telling you over and over again, that you will not be able to have children unless other measures are taken. The feelings of helplessness and dissappointment can overtake you.

Chaka came to terms with this conclusion, accepting her fate that being a Mother wasn't in the cards for her. Chaka was diagnosed with poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) alongside a few other conditions, and was told that she would not be able to conceive naturally. 5 years later, Baby Aiden was born. A full term prince and all by chance. Chaka was told to take an additional medication to help her body deal with another problem it wasn't addressing, and that medication helped her in more ways then one. She became pregnant. The medication increased the hormones she needed to have a baby and balanced them enough, helping her to concieve by encouraging her ovaries to work better than they had been. As you can assume, Chaka was in shock when she found out she was pregnant. This remains true today as she holds her incredible wonder, baby Aiden. Both of Aiden's parents remain overjoyed and in disbelief; they now have a baby they hold close to their hearts, remembering what they had thought fate had assumed for them as a couple.

The feelings of never experiencing motherhood have vanished for Chaka as she holds this new life close to her heart; her new baby boy.

Welcome Aiden, and thank you for reminding us that we live in a world that is always full of beautiful surprises.

Love: Jo oxoxo


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