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Everly 6 months...

As a photographer, working alongside your clients milestones is one of the most incredible experiences.

The experience of seeing the changes in love strengthen and how much each of my clients grow within their family life, not only outwardly but also inwardly is wonderful. How their children enhance their life experiences by creating an immense bond within the family circle they are a part of always moves me beyond what words can articluate. This is the very reason I love my camera. It captures these words for me.

Capturing a new baby, and children generally, always confirms that in any situation their little adorable selves always test boundaries and beyond. Any family that has children knows the various emotions that arise with new life and onward and how immense these intense emotions are. All of which encompass love in various forms.

As an aunt to sweet Everly, I have had the honor of being close to her, her Mom and Dad. As well, being able to stand by all of them through various milestones thus far has been nothing but feelings of great satisfaction and love. I feel fortunate to have this special hand of being an aunt in their lives, as well as a friend, a sister and their photographer. As a mother of almost 3 children myself, I have learned a lot about what families need in their lives during the first few months and onward, especially when their first baby is involved. I love that I get to be that person in Mark, Jess and Everly's lives, someone who they can come to when they need a non-judgemental voice or ear or simply a hug; someone who loves them whole-heartedly, with no judgement just open arms and an ear to listen.

Everly captivates my heart and soul I could listen to her sing or cry anyday. I love that I get to watch her grow and experience her life, right from the very beginning. I feel grateful that Mark and Jess have allowed me to be so close during these beginning steps for them not only behind the camera.

Mark and Jess are near and dear to me and when they read this it won't be a surprise. I gush about my love for their family a lot. These photographs document Everly's 6 months! I can hardly believe that 6 months have already past us. Every parent tells you that it goes by so quickly, and as much as you embrace the moment, photograph like crazy and watch your child with a keen moment-to-moment eye, it actually does go by extremely fast. I still have a difficult time with this opinion which I have found is true. It's a reminder to enjoy everything, even the hiccups and tears along the way. To truly embrace the emotions that parenting brings in and how it changes you in the best way possible as a person. I know that perspective is key in any situation, especailly in the life of a parent.

I thank Mark, Jess and Everly as well as all of my clients for opening up your hearts and homes to me, and allowing me to become a part of the experience that is your life as it is during the time I am there capturing it.

I send my love to all of you.

Jo xoxoxoxoxox

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