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A year ago today... (The Unpolished Series)

It was Mother's Day when we told everyone that we were expecting our third child.

We announced it with this photograph above.

This photograph used to announce our pregnancy was taken right after we told our children that they were going to have a new baby. They were overjoyed and from that day forward they kissed my belly everyday until their baby sister arrived.

My husband and I thought about having a third baby for sometime. It seemed to make sense that having two healthy children made our family complete. We had a girl and we had a boy. We didn't want to push our luck, so to speak, but there was this constant thought that kept creeping into my head. The idea of having a third child. I know I am woman and it is a part of my genetic make up to think this way but the thought persisted even though I logically talked myself out of it. I even made jokes about how crazy of an idea it was. It didn't seem to make a difference. As the thoughts came in my husband and I talked about it a lot. We kept concluding that it was best to keep our family to the four of us. Our reasons weren't particularly deep ones, but more logical. As we spoke about having another baby and time passed the idea seemed to make more sense, in that, we didn't want to look back and regret it; regret not trying because of lack of space, and so on. I clearly remember when we both agreed that having a third baby would only mean more love. It really took our relationship in a new direction and our hearts felt like they opened up letting more love in. I told myself that from that day forward, every right decision I made would lead me to feel this way, with an open-heart.

My family and I are all so lucky in love, I think. My husband and I have known each other since 1998! We got married in 2007 and our love has grown and changed so much. Raising our children together has really revealed what a great team we make, how well we problem solve together and that even when things are challenging, we can count on one another honestly. I appreciate the fact that although my husband had his reservations about having a third child he didn't let that leave him closed-minded. As scared as we both were with the idea of being overwhelmed, or dealing with a difficult baby, we both knew that our love, and the love of our children would really only create a bigger love. I have to admit, it really has.

These images were taken a few weeks before I gave birth to our third child at home. I love how tender they are. I set up my tripod with a remote.

The photo above is my favourite one of my belly and my babes. I love all of the photographs but the one above really showcases that deep love from the look in their eyes, I love how telling they are. I remember how warm their cheeks felt against my body, and I am certain our baby felt this lovely warmth too.

When our third baby arrived it happened extremely quickly, within a 45 minute window! The events that lead to her birth were the kind that would make any woman embrace pregnancy and the true miracle that it is. I had bloody show during the second month of my pregnancy, and was frightened I was miscarrying as the midwives suspected, but after my ultrasound revealed a beating heart and a very healthy fetus I remained thankfully-relieved. A few months after, my pregnant self and my children were in a car accident that wasn't our fault. My air bag didn't go off, and everyone was absolutely fine. I think because of these reasons I was reserved about posting images on my social media pages. It wasn't until the end of my pregnancy that I started posting images. I am also a private person. It's a struggle for me to post images, but I love the relationships that have emerged through my blog and social media posts.

Here are a few from my Instagram account:

My 6 month old belly below and my 3 year old son.

Flowers from my son to my belly.

The photo above was taken two hours before our birth. We still were unsure if we were in labour.

The photo below was taken the following morning on the day they met their sister.

They helped to name her. They both sang a song about Joy as soon as they looked at her.

The images below were taken a few days after Joy was born. I love how tender and real they are. I know I am biased, but each time I look at these photos I can hear their kisses, hear our laughter, hear my husband behind me patiently waiting for my direction, and our fresh baby taking in her new world on the outside of my body.

Our new world is a yummy one. I wish I had more time to post about our day to day, but I really try to keep life balanced, taking photos when I can, not putting to much pressure on myself, posting images when I find the time. I keep my cameras close documenting moments (I have one on each floor!) and I know that as this year moves quickly by me, I will have time to look back at the photos I am capturing and reflect upon them. I will post photos as I have the time.

This time in our life moves quickly, and as our children grow time will be more available. I've spoken with other mothers who's children have grown, or who's children are now older then my own and they confirm this fact. I know that my heart will only feel joy accompanied with the deep pangs of nostalgia when reflecting on the photos I capture, as it has in my past, as it will this year and onward, and as it does tonight as I type this; I believe it will be this way for my entire life.

My husband and I feel so lucky to have these three littles in our life. We find it hard to believe that we made each of them. All so different yet similar some how.

I wish every Mother a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

May your world embrace you with love; love that makes your heart ache, love that makes your eyes well up, and your cheeks hurt because you've been smiling way to much!

This last photo below is the photo I will be gifting my family for this Mother's day. It makes me laugh for so many reasons.

With love: Jo xoxoxoo

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